fancy, fancy

As you all know, dressing up has been my therapy during this pandemic. every now and then, I dress up and experiment with my clothing. as one of the most stressful weeks in my acad life is fast approaching, I had a day off to mix and match my clothes. during this day, I did not want to deal with […]

Denim and White

You can never go wrong with denim and white, right? This has been my go-to color combination for the longest time. The fit just provides a subtle and clean look. And I would typically match it with a screaming pair of sneakers however, I wanted to try something new. So for this fit, I wore a subtle pair that matches […]

a thoughtful tote

The name Avignon means From Avignon, France and is of French origin. Avignon is a name for unisex or non-gendered person — a name that can be used for any gender. Avignon is a brand that cares. It focuses on producing pieces that complement the bold and the subtle. It allows you to express your uniqueness as each collection features […]