spider woman

I do not usually buy sneakers without a reason to make each purchase special. as mentioned before, I bought my Jordan 1 bred as a reward for myself because I was a Dean’s Lister during that term. And I basically have the same reason as to why I purchased these sneakers- I am once again a Dean’s Lister and ranked […]


I am inlove with monochromatic fits and with this, I tried to wear a monochromatic fit with earth tones. And nothing gets more earthy than the shades of brown ,right? this is obviously a comfortable fit. I wore a cropped ribbed top underneath a short sleeves polo the, paired them with cargo pants to balance out the look. For the […]


I want to keep this post simple and clean so all you can see above are just photos. The photos above show the details of the fit. As from the title, I went for an athleisure vibe with this fit. I wore an oversized sweater and pair it with bike short. Then, wore a white high tops chucks and brought […]