5 Ways to Style Jordan 1

5 Ways to Style Jordan 1

I never really liked the silhouette of the Jordan 1s because I was an Adidas fan. I started to appreciate the beauty of the Jordan 1s ever since I saw the fit of Angelique Manto posted on her Instagram. And I immediately told myself “I need to get one of those”, and so I tried. Unfortunately, the colorway I fell in love with happens to be a “holy grail” which means that it is more difficult to get and more expensive compared to other Jordan 1s.

 Luckily, after 6 months of searching, I found a seller on Facebook who is selling her pair of Jordan 1s which happened to be the pair that I wanted. I did not immediately buy the pair but instead, I still kept on thinking whether I should buy it or not. Fortunately, after a week, our grades for 2nd term were posted on the portal already, and when I saw that my GWA made it to the Dean’s List, I immediately contacted the seller and bought it for myself because I knew I deserved it.

1. Kendall Jenner inspired

The moment I opened my Pinterest app and searched for “jordan 1 women”, the first photo that I saw was Kendall Jenner wearing a black sweater and black tights or leather pants paired with Jordan 1 bred. After seeing it, I immediately told myself that maybe I can recreate the fit since I have a lot of black pieces in my wardrobe and I have the exact colorway of her Jordan 1s. And as you can see below, tried my best to recreate Kendall’s fit.

2. Oversized T-shirt

Almost all of my shirts are oversized because they are really comfortable. And this particular shirt is special to me because this was given by one of my closest friends. It is just east to style because it is just a white shirt and you can easily match it with statement bags and shoes.

3. Monica Geller inspired

Ever since the first time I have watched Friends, I have been wanting to recreate Monica Geller’s “jogging fit”. As much as possible, I tried to copy each pieces she wore during this episode. The TV show did not display the footwear Monica was wearing so, I told myself that her fit would really look good when paired with Jordan 1s and I was right.

4. Cozy fit

I love putting white pieces together because it just looks so clean when worn. As you can see, I wore a white ribbed top with white joggers and paired them with my Jordan 1s. aside from getting a clean look, the fit also highlighted the sneakers because it was the only piece from the fit with colors.

5. Jeans and Blazer

This has got to be my favorite fit because it lies between formal and casual. Just wear your g-to denim jeans-which I am sure everyone has, and just pair it with your trusty blazer and bam, it can elevate your look in an instant. This is something I would wear whenever we roam around Manila again. And frankly, I have been preparing this fit for my night out with friends— which never happened because of the pandemic.

This just proves that the classic silhouette of the Jordan 1s are really versatile that you can wear it with anything and it will still stand out. You can wear them with jeans, shorts, joggers, and leggings and still turn heads. And for me, this is the type of sneakers you should invest in because it will really last you for a long time.

*filters applied to reflect the theme on my Instagram feed.

*links provided are for reference only.

*all photos were taken using my phone’s pro and self-timer mode.

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