calm down, docs

calm down, docs

I have been experimenting with different pieces to put together for the past few years until I found my style which is edgy. Then, I have realized that I have never worn boots yet. So I tried to vision myself wearing boots and of course, look for inspiration. And obviously, the first inspo that I found was Princess Diana wearing a blazer, shirt, denim jeans, and boots and so I tried to recreate that fit and incorporate my own style. This is the result of my experiment and boy, boots are difficult to pull off. As a sneaker person, boots are not as comfortable as sneakers that is why maybe I had a hard time pulling this fir off. But nonetheless, I love how it turned out. And I now have a physical photo of my wearing boots and I do not know if I can wear/pull this off again. These were taken in People’s Park in the Sky in Tagaytay and this is just the perfect fit for tags weather. And oh! Peep out the alcohol.

Max Mara Blazer
Blue Corner white shirt
Terranova mom jeans
Dr. Martens boots
Photos are filtered to watch the theme on my Instagram.

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