My “Covid” bag

I do not really bring a lot with me whenever I go out. I was used to just bringing my wallet and phone and not bring a bag because I am lazy to carry one. However, during these times, my phone and wallet have some company. The bag above is my “covid” bag as I bring it with me whenever […]

new normal fit

During these trying times, a face mask is essential. And even though it covers half of our faces, we can still use it for aesthetic purposes. Just like what I did when my friends and I went out for a road trip. Aside from protecting me from the virus, my face mask contributed well to the overall aesthetic of my […]

she cozy

I guess this is how I will be taking my fits from now on. The mirror is literally the only one who can see my fits as of now, given our situation. I literally just ate before shooting this fit as you can see my full stomach. I had no lipstick on as well. And this is my reality. For […]

monday blues

I’m pretty sure we all had that Monday feeling, right? But the only difference now is that every day feels like Monday. Every single day, even without doing anything and just staying at home, I feel so exhausted. I am getting tired of hearing different heartbreaking news all over the world. But as I always tell you, dressing up keeps […]

5 Ways to Style Jordan 1

I never really liked the silhouette of the Jordan 1s because I was an Adidas fan. I started to appreciate the beauty of the Jordan 1s ever since I saw the fit of Angelique Manto posted on her Instagram. And I immediately told myself “I need to get one of those”, and so I tried. Unfortunately, the colorway I fell […]

My Top 5 Sneakers 2020

You will always catch me wearing sneakers. I love the comfort that a good pair of sneakers gives. I have a total of 15 sneakers which I wear all the time. I see to it that I have a pair of sneakers for every occasion— may it be for travel, gym, or just something casual. I don’t really call myself […]

What I Wear in a Day in Quarantine

Dressing up has always been my escape. However, during this quarantine, I am not able to dress up as much as I want to because I have nowhere else to go. Below are just some of the “fits” I wear every single day while in quarantine. Since I am just staying at home, I wear my clothes twice if they […]

dressing up for my sanity

I am the type of person who values personal space very much. There are times when I just want to isolate myself from everything. I go to malls by myself, go shopping, get coffee, and drive around the city. Giving myself “me time” is my way to recalibrate my thoughts especially when things get hard. And whenever I do not […]

your typical shirt and jeans combo

Nothing beats the classic jeans and shirt combo that is why it can easily be pulled off by anyone. It includes typical pieces of clothing which can always be found in one’s closet: a good pair of denim jeans and a trusty plain shirt. What I love about this fit is that it is so versatile. You can easily style […]