dressing up for my sanity

dressing up for my sanity

I am the type of person who values personal space very much. There are times when I just want to isolate myself from everything. I go to malls by myself, go shopping, get coffee, and drive around the city. Giving myself “me time” is my way to recalibrate my thoughts especially when things get hard. And whenever I do not have the luxury of time to go out, I dress up. Dressing up contributes to my sanity.

When everything was still at its normal pace, I only get to be home during weekends. Most of my clothes, shoes, and bags are in Bulacan. So after a tiring week in Manila, being home is what I look forward to. Dressing up and planning my fits are what I usually do in my free time in Bulacan. I don’t know what is with dressing up, but it just gives me comfort and happiness.

So during these trying times, I try to be productive as much as possible. I am used to always doing something— may it be for school, friends, or family. However, this pandemic slowed everything down. Not doing anything is like the “new normal” for me especially when the term ended. So instead of not doing anything, I try to follow a routine, and dressing up has been a part of my weekly routine. Every week, I try to be creative and just experiment with the pieces of clothing that I have since I now have all my clothes from Manila. Every week, I try to put different pieces together just to try something new but I make sure that I am comfortable with what I am wearing— one of my non-negotiables.

I have seen posts on Instagram which have the sky as its background and mirror shots. So I told myself, “why not try it?”, and so I did. It was easier for me to take photos with the sky as its background since we have a rooftop.

However, it was very sunny at that time so I had to take the shots in less than 10 minutes. I also tried taking mirror shots with a different perspective which was difficult to take because I had to set my phone at a different angle and not see the results immediately.

The fit above has got to be one of my favorite fits to date. I have been planning this since I got the bag which was like 6 months ago but I did not have the appropriate “occasion” to wear it in. I tried turning into white incognito by putting a white ribbed top together with a white high-waisted short to further highlight the strap of the bag. I can see myself wearing this in malls when everything is back to normal already. It is just a simple all-white fit but can be easily be elevated by a statement bag.

All photos above were taken using my phone and were self-timed.

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