I am inlove with monochromatic fits and with this, I tried to wear a monochromatic fit with earth tones. And nothing gets more earthy than the shades of brown ,right? this is obviously a comfortable fit. I wore a cropped ribbed top underneath a short sleeves polo the, paired them with cargo pants to balance out the look. For the accessories, I wore my Shopee find sunglasses which matched the them of the look, And also brought my mom’s Lacoste bag to match with the fit. and for the make or break of an outfit, I wore an all-white sneakers that adds a little bit of height to complete the look. And of course, I also have my face shield and mask with me; only took them out for the picture.

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Sunglasses from Shopee
Ribbed top from Shopee
Polo from Uniqlo
Cargo pants
Sneakers from Alexander Mcqueen
Bag from Lacoste

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