fancy, fancy

fancy, fancy

As you all know, dressing up has been my therapy during this pandemic. every now and then, I dress up and experiment with my clothing. as one of the most stressful weeks in my acad life is fast approaching, I had a day off to mix and match my clothes. during this day, I did not want to deal with anything acad related so I opened my drawer and tried on different fits. and surely did its purpose, it has distracted me from acads and helped me relaxed and restart my mind. that is why, I suggest that all of us you should always take a breather—whichever works for you.

I have been obsessed with blazers and I wanted to wear them with shorts as I always pair them with pants. with this fit, I wore a thrifted plaid blazer with denim shorts which is not that obvious. then, I also tried pairing my docs with shorts and I liked the result. and for the accessories, I wore my recent purchase from Shopee which is my sunglasses. And wore a bag with a logomania strap to bring the fit together. all in all, I liked what I wore and, will surely wear this once we can go out of our houses while being safe from the virus!

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