monday blues

monday blues

I’m pretty sure we all had that Monday feeling, right? But the only difference now is that every day feels like Monday. Every single day, even without doing anything and just staying at home, I feel so exhausted. I am getting tired of hearing different heartbreaking news all over the world. But as I always tell you, dressing up keeps me sane. I do not dress up for anyone but myself and my sanity.

bag from MCM.
socks from Nike. footwear from Steve Madden.
shirt from #BillieEilishxMurakamiUT collection

For this fit which totally expresses my current mood, I tried to put on a monochromatic look. I wore a shirt and pants together with the same shades of blue. I also wore socks and heels to balance out the look. I love the outcome of this fit and I cannot wait to wear this outside as it is also a comfortable fit. Remember that choosing comfort over style does not mean you have to compromise on being stylish, be creative, and do you!

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