My “Covid” bag

My “Covid” bag

I do not really bring a lot with me whenever I go out. I was used to just bringing my wallet and phone and not bring a bag because I am lazy to carry one. However, during these times, my phone and wallet have some company. The bag above is my “covid” bag as I bring it with me whenever I go out. as much as possible, I try to only bring this one with me and not my other bags as to not expose them.

I bring with me my “Covid” or on-the-go wallet, medicine pouch for an emergency with my Benedictine medal, a pen in case I have to write something down, and my own handkerchief.

A mask is essential nowadays so I bring with me an extra bag of surgical face masks whenever I go out.

A face shield is also an essential nowadays. My mom bought me this face shield from ACE Hardware for P149. In addition, I also bring with me my laminated Quarantine Pass if ever it is needed. And of course, I bring with me my phone.

Above are the things I bring with me whenever I go out which I can easily sanitize.

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