new normal fit

new normal fit

During these trying times, a face mask is essential. And even though it covers half of our faces, we can still use it for aesthetic purposes. Just like what I did when my friends and I went out for a road trip. Aside from protecting me from the virus, my face mask contributed well to the overall aesthetic of my fit for it matches the color of my top.

I will admit that it was kind of weird to be out with friends again. We never even dared to touch each other throughout our day. It was like we do not know how to socialize anymore because of not seeing each other for almost 6 months. Ironically, it was the day that I felt most alive. Because aside from my parents, I got to see other people. My eyes were so happy to see the outside world and to see other people as well even though their faces are covered with face masks and face shields.

Sadly, eye contact is the closest I can get to physical touch. But nonetheless, it was a great day. I was able to take a breather from academic requirements and other distarctions. It allowed me to see and regain my focus back.

top from Shopee. Denim pants from Terranova. Jordan 11 Bred.

**photos were take by my friends namely Diana Cabrera and Cyrille Vergara. 
**links provided are for reference only

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