About Jhessa

Maria Jesusa or commonly known as Jhessa is an Information Systems student and a life and style blogger who enjoys expressing her thoughts into words. She does what she does with hopes of empowering others who visit her site.

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How I Set Up My Blog 2020

I have been following Laureen Uy’s posts since 2015 and when she launched her own blogging site last 2017 which is www.breakmystyle.com, I have been wanting to have my own also. I have been reading David Guison’s blog from dgmanila.com and Ida Anduyan’s blog from idaandu.me. The said blogging sites above inspired me to create my own. This quarantine gave […]

What I Wear in a Day in Quarantine

Dressing up has always been my escape. However, during this quarantine, I am not able to dress up as much as I want to because I have nowhere else to go. Below are just some of the “fits” I wear every single day while in quarantine. Since I am just staying at home, I wear my clothes twice if they […]

dressing up for my sanity

I am the type of person who values personal space very much. There are times when I just want to isolate myself from everything. I go to malls by myself, go shopping, get coffee, and drive around the city. Giving myself “me time” is my way to recalibrate my thoughts especially when things get hard. And whenever I do not […]

your typical shirt and jeans combo

Nothing beats the classic jeans and shirt combo that is why it can easily be pulled off by anyone. It includes typical pieces of clothing which can always be found in one’s closet: a good pair of denim jeans and a trusty plain shirt. What I love about this fit is that it is so versatile. You can easily style […]

a monochromatic fit

shades of blue For this fit, I wore 3 shades of blue to meet my desired monochromatic fit. I also used a bag in the same shade to fully compliment it. And to complete the look, I also used platform sneakers which have tabs in the same shade. All photos were actually taken by my best friend when we went […]