she cozy

she cozy

I guess this is how I will be taking my fits from now on. The mirror is literally the only one who can see my fits as of now, given our situation. I literally just ate before shooting this fit as you can see my full stomach. I had no lipstick on as well. And this is my reality.

For this fit, I tried to wear an all-gray ensemble to achieve a monochromatic look however, I do not have any sneakers in the same palette so I went for the safest color which is black. Hoodie top from Kendall +Kylie. Sweats from Shopee. Sneakers from Converse x Comme Des Garcons collaboration.

Since it has been raining lately, this fit is something I would wear if ever I would go out for a grocery run. I do not usually wear crop tops but whenever I do, I make sure to pair them with any kind of pants because I am very limited with how much skin I would want to show — one of my non-negotiables. And this without a doubt, is one of the coziest fits I have worn.

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