spider woman

spider woman

I do not usually buy sneakers without a reason to make each purchase special. as mentioned before, I bought my Jordan 1 bred as a reward for myself because I was a Dean’s Lister during that term. And I basically have the same reason as to why I purchased these sneakers- I am once again a Dean’s Lister and ranked 3rd. I taught about buying this pair for more than 2 weeks and the release of the Dean’s Lister ranking made me close the deal.

For this fit, I tried to be as laid back as much as possible. Since I shot this at home, I tried to be as lousy as possible too. I wore a zipped jacket and sports bra underneath it. then, pair it with black pants. And to complete the whole look, I wore my recently purchased Nike dunks Spiderman. I also wanted the whole spiderman vibe so I went for this kind of shot.

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Champion jacket
Nike sports bra
Bench pants
Nike dunks Spider man

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