What I Wear in a Day in Quarantine

What I Wear in a Day in Quarantine

Dressing up has always been my escape. However, during this quarantine, I am not able to dress up as much as I want to because I have nowhere else to go. Below are just some of the “fits” I wear every single day while in quarantine. Since I am just staying at home, I wear my clothes twice if they did not get dirty throughout the day because wearing clothes once then throwing them in the washing machine immediately is just wasteful.

  1. Everyday wear

Usually, I wear my old Beda shirts because they are just really comfortable and I just pair them with jersey shorts. As you can see above, I am wearing my Beda shirt and jersey shorts as I read my new book and play with my camera. I also use slippers as my footwear everyday. That “fit” is just a comfortable everyday wear especially in a very humid country.

2. Workout clothes

As much as possible, I try to workout everyday for at least 10 minutes. And wearing my comfortable gym clothes inspires me to just move and workout everyday. As you can see, I prefer wearing leggings or tights whenever I workout because I am really comfortable wearing those bottoms. I also use my favorite workout sneakers which are the Adidas NMDs which are really comfortable because of the boost technology.

3. Sleep wear

As mentioned above, I usually wear my Beda shirts everyday. And as you can see with the above photos, I am wearing one of my Beda shirts again. I just pair it with my trusty pajamas and I am ready to go to dreamland.

And if ever I need to go out for like a grocery run, I would wear mom jeans, oversized shirt, sneakers, gloves, and face mask for protection. I rarely go out so I was not able to include photos of the said fit.

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